Ensuring our patients are comfortable and pain free is our priority. We take pain management very seriously. Identifying pain can sometimes be subtle and difficult to detect. We look for signs of lethargy, restlessness, panting, hunched, limping, and tremors. Also, if we anticipate any discomfort or pain we will preemptively administer pain medication in situations such as surgeries, dental procedures or injury. It is easier to control pain earlier than to catch up later on. We utilize a multimodal approach using different types of pain medication and even employing local anesthetics and epidural anesthetic in certain situations. Local anesthetics essentially numbs a specific area by targeting specific nerves using injectable drugs like Lidocaine. Epidural anaesthetic involves injecting a local anesthetic or pain medication in the spine. In addition to acute pain, there is also chronic pain. Chronic pain may be due to conditions such as  osteoarthritis. Long term chronic pain management is a team effort. It involves careful nursing at home with physiotherapy and also therapeutic medication and supplementation to help. We also offer veterinary acupuncture! Whatever the case may be we will always strive to keep your pet comfortable.